Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Definitely saddened by the end of Maggie Morrison and Grant Cutler's collaboration Lookbook. Just wanted to share some of my favorite videos from one of my favorite bands from MPLS.
I really love their first LP release Wild At Heart [buy here], by far some of the best dance songs from any band in the local scene. I was looking forward to some of the reworked and new unreleased songs that they had started to perform live.

We live in times where those who blink miss a whole lot. I hope you were there when they were creating beautiful moments...I'm looking forward to what the future holds for Maggie & Grant.

..."and in the end, its never wrong

because who you love is where you are
i cut it close to let it out
my heart is full of this rage and this fear of doubt

over and over
these lovers they quarrel 
you sink 'til you swim
it gets weaker with torture"
(Lyrics from: Over And Over)

The Only Ones [live at 89.3 The Current Studios]

True To Form [live at Sauce 12/4/09]