Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peter Gabriel and Bon Iver "scratch each other's back" [New Release]

When I first heard about Peter Gabriel covering Bon Iver's hit Flume I thought that only a genius of that magnitude could bring a fresh take on that song and I wasn't disappointed when I first heard his rendition a few months ago. Love the simple piano arrangement, very minimalist orchestrations and Gabriel's voice so spot on.

Bon Iver's cover of 'Come Talk To Me' just released [buy here] is a great take on an all-time classic. Crafted very masterfully and given the indie folk signature from the band and amazing vocals by Justin Vernon.

Here's a video of the project with an interview of Justin Vernon done by Peter Gabriel's Daughter  in Eau Claire, WI.

Watch Peter Gabriel talk about his live shows while the orchestra rehearses "Flume" By Bon Iver in the background!